Presqu’ile Site Infrastructure
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Location: Santa Maria, CA
Project Type: New Construction
Project Role: Project Management

The 200 acre vineyard property required road and utility infrastructure to support the wine production and hospitality facilities. In addition to these buildings, the infrastructure needed to be developed and sized to accommodate future buildings on the property that were part of the full project development plan.

The scope consisted of extending the municipal utilities over 7,500 feet and creating on-site means for utilities that did not exist. The services installed included a below-grade AdvanTex process waste treatment system sized for 25,000 case production, a two acre-foot decorative fire water storage pond, site fire pump and distribution system, domestic water treatment and underground storage system, reclaimed irrigation water distribution system, commercial restaurant grease trap system, commercial domestic waste treatment system, dry and wet utility distribution, and roadways. The scope included over 75,000 cubic yards of earthwork.

The site infrastructure scope also included a 300' long soil nail wall with cave portal, which acted as the both the cave entrance and the back wall of the hospitality barrel storage rooms. The cave was carved back 250 feet, to an elevator shaft and egress stairwell that rises vertically for 60', connecting the cave to the winery above.

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