We provide the overall planning, coordination, and management necessary to produce a functional and financially viable project. Clients often approach us with a project concept and are eager to build, but lack the structure, guidance, and resources to achieve their vision. Other clients have strong relationships with designers, where they independently develop the construction documents, and then look to us to execute the plans. We welcome both routes of engagement.

The practice of active principal involvement has remained unchanged throughout the evolution of Rogers & Pedersen. This is what created, sustained and will continue to define our business, dedicated to efficient communication, greater accountability and a quest for value and perfection. To maintain a high level of interaction from our principals on each project, we only focus on one or two projects at a time. This has forced us to be selective in the projects we pursue, seeking clients looking to form mutually beneficial relationships with complicated project scopes that can benefit from our services.

We operate with complete transparency. Our doors and books are always open. This transparency builds a trusting partnership with our clients, which is the foundation for successful projects.